{{ 'Simplicity' | translate }}. {{ 'Clarity' | translate }}. {{ 'Excellence' | translate }}.

{{ 'We are experts in...' | translate}}

{{ "Tell us your wishes, the purpose of the website and what you want to achieve. It is our job to listen and shape your goals into a design that heightens the meaning by the content." | translate }}

{{ "A project triangle, identified by volume, time and costs, can help us find the best solution. We strive for a quality, optimum solution, and a fast completion." | translate }}

{{ "Mutual respect and honesty are also important for good cooperation. We are honest to all our clients, about both the work and our cooperation. It is a reflection of our respect." | translate }}

{{"Phone"|translate}}: +386 (0)41 224 254
E-mail: [email protected]

VORKUM Žiga Macedoni s.p.
Štajerska cesta 20
SI-1231 Škofljica

{{"VAT number"|translate}}: 26969829